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Alabama Adopt A Mile Program

Partnership with The Alabama Department of Transportation

Since 1988, Alabama PALS has partnered with the Alabama Department of Transportation to coordinate and implement the Alabama Adopt-a-Mile Program, which to date has approximately 860 miles of state, U.S. and county highways that are adopted and maintained by volunteer groups statewide. This partnership and program are true testaments of how non profits, government agencies and volunteers can work together to create and maintain programs that not only keep our roads and highways clean and litter free, but enhance the beauty of Alabama, while having a positive economic impact for our great state.

Alabama PALS provides Adopt-a-Mile signs for groups wanting to adopt a mile on all Alabama, U.S. and county highways. All Adopt-a-Mile applications come directly to the PALS office for processing.

Upon completion of the application process, PALS will have the signs printed and mailed to the nearest office of the Alabama Department of Transportation for erecting of the signs.

PALS provides bags and safety vests for adopted state and U.S. highways.

You have the option of filling out the application online and emailing it to the PALS office or you can fax the application to 334-832-9400, or mail the application to 340 North Hull Street, Montgomery, AL 36104.

Thank you for your interest in the Alabama Adopt-a-Mile Program and we look forward to working with you and your groups. Together we truly are "Making a Difference."