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Alabama Clean Campus Program

With over 550 schools enrolled, the Alabama Clean Campus Program continues to grow each year, and the dedication and interest from schools, administrators, students and faculty can be accredited for the many successes realized at campuses all across Alabama.

The Alabama Clean Campus Program is designed to involve all Alabama schools in litter control, beautification, recycling and cleanup efforts, which will instill good stewardship and environmental awareness for future generations.

In addition to offering bags, recycling boxes, window decals and Online Curriculum, PALS also employs a full time Clean Campus Coordinator, Jamie Mitchell, who is available to provide on-campus programs for Alabama schools.  This program is offered at no cost to all Alabama schools.

Clean Campus Program Presentation

The purpose of the Alabama PALS Clean Campus Program is to implement litter education and involvement in community and campus cleanup efforts. It is to be used as a "springboard" for implementing litter education into all Alabama school systems. This video is a condensed version of the presentation done by our Clean Campus Coordinator when she visits your school...there are discussion questions after the student portion of the video for your students to critically think more about what they just learned. The last 5 minutes of the video is for teachers to learn more about the program at large.

Uploaded August 2020

Alabama Clean Campus applications are mailed to all Alabama schools at the start of each new schoolyear, and all schools must re-enroll every year.

All schools registered with the Clean Campus Program have the opportunity to submit their applications for the annual Statewide Clean Campus Competition. Awards in the amounts of $ 1,000, $750 and $ 500 are presented to the winning schools each year at the PALS Governor's Awards Luncheon in November.

For more information or to schedule an on-campus program, please call Jamie Mitchell, Clean Campus Coordinator, at 334-263-7737. 


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