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2023 Spring Clean Up is a green oval with the words Don't drop it on Alabama are wriiten across the bottom of the graphic.  In the center is an outline of the state of Alabama.  The words 2022 Spring Cleanup  and an ALPALS logo are overlayed the outline. A classic recycle logo and a trashcan icon bookend the state of Alabama outline.

The annual "Don't Drop it on Alabama" Statewide Spring Cleanup is ramping up in communities all across the state. You can find specific plans for some communities in the News section. If you don't see your community, use the resources below to connect your group with this effort!

Don't Drop it on Alabama - Public Service Announcement

Materials Furnished for Cleanups

Large Trash Bags | Ad Slicks | Reporting Forms | Safety Tips Sheet | Window Decals | Recycling Bags for Participating Groups | ALPALS Brochures



Alabama People Against A Littered State (ALPALS) is a statewide organization dedicated to making our state more beautiful by sponsoring programs focused on cleaning up litter in Alabama's streets, streams, campuses, and coastlines. 

Through education and annual anti-littering campaigns ALPALS has partnered with Alabama counties, cities, communities, schools, and other organizations to enhance the Alabama environment by preventing littering and picking up litter.  Since 1987, Alabama PALS and our valued partners have created, maintained and implemented successful statewide litter prevention programs that have improved and beautified each and every corner of our great state.

As part of the caring community, ALPALS invites you, your county, municipality, civic group, volunteers, neighborhoods, schools, church groups and all groups and individuals to join in keeping Alabama beautiful.   Preventing litter, participating in one or all of the many statewide programs offered through the PALS statewide organization, and becoming a member of ALPALS are all ways your group can make a difference.  The strength and success of Alabama PALS comes through the support, dedication and involvement of our thousands of statewide volunteers, and we truly believe that there is nothing so special and dedicated as the "Heart of a Volunteer."

Follow us on Facebook to learn of sponsored events in your area and to discover what can be accomplished through your involvement.

 Alabama Litter Laws

Littering is against the law. Alabama State Law allows a fine up to $3,000 and 100 hours of community service for a misdemeanor littering offense. Learn about Alabama Littering Laws and "Don't Drop it on Alabama."

ALPALS Litter Law Brochure


ALPALS Programs



Winter 2023 Newsletter is Available

Winter 2023 Newsletter is Available

"The PALS Prints" Newsletter for Winter 2023 is now available.

Summer 2022 Newsletter is Available

Summer 2022 Newsletter is Available

"The PALS Prints" Newsletter for Summer 2022 is now available.

Winter 2022 Newsletter is Available

Winter 2022 Newsletter is Available

"The PALS Prints" Newsletter for Winter 2022 is now available.